As you may know, weld tooling is an art unto itself. Our 32 years of tooling experience immediately shows when you examine our weld tooling. Troublesome areas such as weld spatter, part movement, wear surfaces and cylinder/clamp movements are addressed in all of our designs. Shannon Precision LLC can be your one stop for custom weld tooling. If your application requires electrical interface our electrical engineers can provide part confirmation, cylinder/clamp position and operator controls.

Shannon Precision LLC.

A run-off of predetermined requirements will be performed with customer's involvement.

Completed equipment will be shipped by your specifications, set-up assistance and in-house support will be provided by our trained personnel.

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2033 Fall River Road Leoma TN 38468 us

Shannon Precision designers will take the information you provide to design the best weld tooling for your application.

Once the design is completed and approved by the customer; our designers will blueprint and document into a user friendly package.

Our experienced machinists and craftsmen will use our state of the art machine shop along with these blueprints to build the tooling to specifications.

Our electrical engineers will design and build the controls to your industry's need for speed and operator comfort.
The tooling will be assembled, powered up and debugged in our facility.

Your satisfaction is our main goal.

Pictured here are a few examples of weld tooling we have built for industry.