All sander components manufactured by Shannon Precision LLC are solid steel or solid billet 6061 aircraft aluminum, no cast iron or cast aluminum. Optional pedestal is made from 1" solid steel base with 4"x 4"x ΒΌ wall rectangular tube.

The same machinists that manufacture these sanders insure top quality in assembly.

All purchased components are easily replaceable from any industry standard supplier.

Belt tension adjustments are made with a hand wheel (no jam nut locking required)

Belt tracking is adjusted on the fly with a small hand wheel and is designed in such a way to eliminate any tedious jam nut locking.

Belt replacement is a breeze without loosening belt tension. Simply open  safety cover and pull down on polished steel handle, then slide belt off.

Shannon Precision LLC has been in business since 1984. Like our company; Shannon Precision belt sander/ belt grinders are built to last. We have designed and manufactured this belt sander to address common shortcomings. Great attention has been given to problem areas such as vibration, noise, tracking adjustment and reliability. These problems were successfully addressed and are proven reliable. Due to these designs you will experience years of trouble free heavy duty use from our sanders. Whether heavy duty metal working or for wood working, your satisfaction is guaranteed!

With an eight inch diameter serrated 90 durometer rubber contact wheel, the operator is able to perform contour grinding, hollow grinding or other metal shaping tasks.

Sander drive is accomplished with a direct motor coupling, no V-belts to wear out or replace. Also, due to the direct coupling, vibration is kept to a minimum.

Sander design and solid construction diminish harmful sound levels.

With optional pedestal, a non-rusting replaceable 1-gallon plastic water container and holder are included.

Sixty inch belt length allows longer lasting belt performance with minimal added belt costs.

Main beam is adjustable to allow belt position to be vertical, horizontal or any angle in between.

Two separate part rest plates are adjustable from zero to 45 degrees. The main part rest platen is 1" solid steel to minimize part chatter. Let a Shannon Precision Sander be your choice and see firsthand the quality and craftsmanship, you will not be disappointed

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